What we do

Our name, ETCHFORM, says it all:
we specialize in the Etching (ETCHing) and Electroforming (electroFORMing)
of thin metal precision parts.

When etching metal parts, the desired pattern is protected, whereupon the rest of the material is dissolved in an acid. This can be applied to virtually all metals.

When electroforming, a carrier is provided with a protective coating in which the desired pattern is kept free and thereafter it is filled with a galvanic layer. We only do this in nickel, although with a high degree of accuracy.

We also provide connected treatments such as forming, surface and heat treatments.

Etchform is the number one specialist in the etching and electroforming of precision metal parts for among others high-tech applications.
Our service is made up of the following:

  • (Precision) etching

very extensive choice of materials
thicknesses of 0.003 - 1.5 mm

  • Electroforming

soft or hard nickel
up to thickness 200 µm

  • R&D 

tuning / development feasibility
development of production processes
technology partner

  •  Full service

supply chain management for among others:
- forming
- diffusion binding
- laser welding and laser cutting
- surface and heat treatments
- (vacuum) brazing


Etchform happily provides you with a suitable offer. Please use our form to request a quotation.

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